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Welcome to my author’s web page. I’m glad you dropped in. Who am I? I’m Nicole Massey, author, composer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and general creative person. 


I’m a writer, composer, and songwriter, a lifelong Dallasite, and sixth generation Texan. I’m blind pretty much all the way down to a little light and maybe a hint of something moving. I live with a dynamic, talkative dog who doesn’t guide anybody to anything except the postal carrier. 

I have a degree in music from the University of Texas system. I lost my sight in 2003 and if you find it, I’d like to have it back. I don’t drink coffee or wear t-shirts and sweats. This may make me an atypical writer and musician. 

I believe too much is made of genre, and good fiction is good fiction regardless of marketing labels, and as such, I write in multiple genres, including mainstream fiction, science fiction, fantasy, mystery, slipstream, and romance, anything from flash fiction to novels – my writings vary from 100 words to over 1000 pages. I enjoy writing stories involving the psychological lives of people, redemption, underdog triumph, and unexpected twists. I also write for old school renaissance role-playing game fan magazines and other nonfiction projects.  

My fiction has been published in Magnets & Ladders, & Magazine, and The Accord. I won the best fiction prize at www.Magnetsandladders.org in the fall of 2017, the fall of 2021, and fall of 2022, with a second place win in the fall of 2020. 

Reach me at creations@nicolemassey.com. I don’t participate on Instagram, TikTok, or Twitter, due to accessibility reasons, so my website is the best way to get a hold of me. I try to send out more than occasional updates and writing to my journals. The real finds here are the subscription buttons for my email newsletter and mailing list. 


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Thanks for stopping in, and if you’re interested in a bit more about me, take a look around. 


Nicole Massey 


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